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Malik Company

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We have been manufacturing Electric & Manual Lawn, Ground Mowers since 1954 and maintenance, services, repairs (3S)system

We deals in All Kinds of Electric & Manual Lawn Ground Mowers were going for lifetime warranty for our manufactured products. Customers the world over recognize the value of our products through improved fatigue life, increased strength, shock and low resistance, as well as superior delivery, packaging and technical service.

50 years of serving nation

Electric & Manual Lawn, Ground Mowers Lawn Mowers Rough Mowers, Ground Rollers

We provide Steel wire rope solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications,

Grinding Cutting Disks ,Abrasives , Adhesives ( Elfy, Magic, Silicone Sealents ) .
We are looking forward for your business inquiry which will be deals with confidently

and Carefully honored by our strict quality measures
Please visit our show room situated at

 Malik Company

P 46 Railway Road


 Ph 92 41 640792


50 yrs of service